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3 ideas to transform your garden.


15th September 2022

Are you tired of your garden space? Have you always wanted to change it to suit your needs and wants? Having the perfect outdoor space for you will give you more opportunities to spend time outside. Spending time outdoors is known to improve both mental and physical health. Below we have written about 3 ideas you can do to dramatically change your garden and all the materials you could use.

  1. Pathways

Adding pathways to your garden is an easy way to add structure and definition, they help create patterns in your garden and break up the basic garden layouts. Paths in gardens often lead you to another destination, taking you on a journey through flower beds, seating areas, sculptures, water features, or simply to your gate or shed. Having a place to walk in your garden can help protect plants and grass from being trampled on.

  1. Creating a new layout/zones

Adding different zones in your garden can make your garden feel bigger, creating eye-catching and impressive spaces. The most popular ideas we’ve seen are adding graveled or resin areas for a bench and water feature, a patioed or resin zone for a luxury seating area, a block paving pathway to the shed, and a graveled area full of your favourite plants and ornaments.

  1. Seating area/s

Updating, enlarging, or installing seating areas creates the illusion of an extra room and space in your home, giving you somewhere to relax, entertain and show off! Seating areas can be designed with a variety of materials to suit your budget, style, and personal choice.

Some of the Materials that you could use to transform your garden

Block paving

Block paving is a low-maintenance option, with a simple mixture of water and soap to keep it looking fresh. It is resistant to all weathers making it a perfect choice for the British weather.


Resin is super durable, permeable, and has a long-lasting surface with minimal maintenance. If you want an eco-friendlier option, then resin is a good choice.


Gravel is a super low maintenance option for surfacing, once laid it’s ready to go. Being the most accessible material, it can easily be touched up or replaced when needed. Plus, rainwater will be absorbed and drained away by the gravel, so no worries about drainage problems.


Patios are durable and long-lasting. With low maintenance to keep clean, all you have to do is use a broom to sweep the patio and soap and water to clean. Patios are great for all weathers due to their flexibility with multiple slabs and seams.


Finish off your designs with one of our kerbs and edging options. We have a wide variety to match your personal design and budgets. From traditional kerbstone to block or brick setts to the ever-popular rustic timber sleeper. This can be a great way to break up your garden into zones.

Henson Plant Hire

We work closely with our sister company Henson Plant Hire on some of our projects, they help with creating holes for fencing posts, digging for ponds, leveling the ground, removing spoil, and general help with anything that requires their plant hire and expertise.

You can visit their website here? Henson Plant Hire

Looking through the ideas, does your garden make you happy? Have you thought about changing your garden space? Our team are highly experienced in different projects across our many customers surfacing needs. If you would like to discuss your surfacing needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our amazing team on 01386 422411.