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The Perfect Gravel Driveway For Your Home

A high-quality, personalised gravel driveway. Feel confident in a team of experts to create a lasting driveway that will add curb appeal to your home. 

A Driveway That Makes A Statement

Design a gravel driveway that makes a statement, combining style and lasting durability for a uniquely attractive home.

A gravel driveway infront of a house

Unmatched Aesthetics

Enjoy the elegance of your driveway, where your selected chippings are carefully spread to form a consistent, smooth finish.

A beautiful white gravel driveway infront of a country house

Lasting Foundation

Our gravel driveways are built on a solid foundation, featuring a durable layer of MOT type 1 to withstand the test of time.

A grey gravel driveway in-front of a country home

Extensive Detailing

Experience the attention to detail from start to finish with edging and kerbing that outlines your driveway’s perfect shape and boundaries.

Ready to Transform Your Home?

Book a consultation now to create an elegant, long-lasting, quality driveway for you and your family.

  • The Costs of Compromising on Your Gravel Driveway

  • Low-quality installations will result in an unattractive entrance, reducing your home's curb appeal and first impressions.

  • Opting for quick fixes or inferior materials will result in frequent and expensive repairs, lowering your investment.

  • A poorly installed or neglected driveway will become a hazard, leading to uneven surfaces that risk falls and vehicle damage.

A gravel driveway covered in weeds
A mixed colour gravel driveway
  • Create a Lasting Style with a Gravel Driveway

  • Our gravel driveways are installed to make sure they're steady and safe, eliminating your chances of slipping and falling.

  • Elevate your home’s exterior with a driveway that boasts elegance and charm.

  • A well-designed gravel driveway also contributes to the overall value of your home.

  • Easy and Hassle-Free Maintenance

  • Choose an environmentally friendly driveway that can be locally sourced to minimise the environmental impact associated with driveway construction.

  • Enjoy the convenience of minimal maintenance that gravel driveways allow with simple upkeep, reducing long-term maintenance costs.

  • Have peace of mind knowing that your life and home won’t be disrupted for a long period with our quick gravel installation service.

a small gravel driveway
A gravel driveway infront of a modern house
  • A cost effective solution

  • Our gravel driveways offer a cost-effective installation, providing an easier solution if you’re seeking budget-friendly solutions.

  • Enjoy the satisfying sound that a gravel driveway offers, adding to the aesthetic of your home.

  • Benefit from a wide range of customisation options, allowing various gravel types, colours, and edging to complement the exterior of your home.

Your Gravel Driveway in 3 Easy Steps

1. Schedule

Start with a one-on-one consultation to discuss your needs and preferences.

2. Execution

Our skilled team takes over and efficiently installs your driveway.

3. Result

Experience an upgraded curb appeal and the practical advantages of a gravel driveway.

Ready to Impress with Your Driveway?

Whether you envision a sleek and modern driveway, a rustic and charming pathway, or a grand and welcoming entrance, our team is dedicated to turning your vision into reality.

Our approach guarantees that each project reflects the homeowner's vision for a stylish yet practical driveway. Are you ready for yours?

A gravel driveway with a mixed pattern of stones


Cotswold Trichology

"Very please with my new drive. Completed to an exceptionally high standard, good communication throughout. Highly recommended."

Peter Telford

"The Hensons team responded quickly and professionally with a very thorough quote. They gave us clear timelines which they followed with a high standard of work resulting in excellent paths and drives."

Tim Cole

"A superb job and we appreciated the care taken in making sure that everything was perfect.  A great team, a fabulous new pathway and a highly recommended firm to work with."

Alan Jones

Henson were very accommodating in tailoring the work to suit our needs and budget. Work was carried out  on time and to a high standard. Happy to recommend them for any driveway or tarmac work.

Adam Barnes

Henson relaid an area of granite setts on my drive. I hired them after seeing similar work locally, and getting a recommendation from my neighbour. The result is excellent, a massive improvement. I highly recommend this company.

Cynthia Irvine

Hensons have very successfully laid a new resin drive for us. From our first enquiry the communication and attention to detail have been exceptional and we couldn’t have asked for a better result. We would heartily recommend them .

    Ready to Transform Your Home?

    Experience the transformational impact of a custom gravel driveway designed and installed by our dedicated team.

    Book a consultation today to create an elegant, long-lasting, quality driveway that reflects you and your home.

    A man simling in-front of his new driveway

    Learning Centre

    Take a look at our learning centre to find out more about the driveway options we provide. Learn all the tips on how to maintain your new driveways, how to clean them and how to repair any damages. 

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    What are you waiting for?

    We would encourage you to get in touch with one of our experts so that you can take the next step in creating your dream driveway.