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17th October 2022

Big enough to tackle large-scale jobs, but still small enough to care for our customers.

There are clear advantages to using large corporations for surfacing, but with them dealing with thousands of customers they often lack to care and consideration required to do a top-class job and leave you with satisfaction in all areas. Few have the scale, processes and organisational discipline that allows them to deliver a consistent service time after time. For many, this leads to indecision about who you turn to for surfacing into a stressful activity. On the other end of the spectrum, many choose small local companies to use for surfacing, while there is nothing wrong with this and we would encourage you to use local suppliers and build relationships. The quality you may find, techniques and availability will be unpredictable. Some see companies like Henson Surfacing as impersonal, different and unable to cater for smaller regional customers.


If customers want quality installation, reliability, customer service and availability then they need a professional supplier that has a certain level of scale and experience. They need to know that the supplier is only employing top-level installers. They need to know they are using the latest tools and techniques. They maintain and service the equipment regularly for safety and security. Most importantly will deliver a top-quality job and guarantee the work for years to come.


We have built a reputation for providing personal, friendly service, something our customers are aware of. We think it’s important that know our customers and vice versa. We have a team who are dedicated to being in regular contact with customers, on a first-name basis. We recognise that things don’t always go the way we hoped and help customers and clients when they’re in a jam. We regular collaborate and provide the best value that anyone can provide in our industry.

Big enough to tackle any job, but small enough to provide a personal, friendly service. Everything we do has you in mind.