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How to choose the right surfacing company?


15th August 2022

Are you planning to have a new driveway installed, a car park resurfaced, or any other exterior area surfaced? It’s always important to make sure that you’ll be using a reputable contractor for your project! Essentially you are investing in your property, and you’ll want to be confident that the best job will be done.

We have written an unbiased view on how to ensure you choose a trusted supplier. 

Here is some question to think about?

  • Are they well-established with a great reputation?

Have they been in business for several years and are their vehicles branded with business name, logo, business location, and contact details? Also, do they have an up-to-date website showcasing their work? A business that is branded and presents itself professionally, is much more likely to deliver professional work.

  • Have you checked their reviews?

Are they receiving excellent reviews? Checking reviews and feedback from previous clients is a great way to get a feel for the company and the services they provide. Being able to see and hear about their work before hiring them, is not only a good way to make sure they’re right for you, but it can also give you confidence in the company’s ability.

  • Are they local?

Ideally, you will want the reassurance of employing a local company based at a local depot (where if needed, you can even visit and say hello). 

  • Can they put you in contact with satisfied customers?

Are they happy to share with you, the names and phone numbers of earlier customers, so you can have a quick chat with them (and even drive past their house and have a look at the finished work)? If you can visit and see earlier installations, this will reassure you that you can expect the same quality of work, at your location. 

  • Do they adhere to nationally recognised quality standards?

Does their work meet, for example, NHBC technical standards for domestic builds? 

  • Do they offer a quality guarantee?

Some people ask us, ‘Are tarmac driveways any good?’ The answer is yes if laid correctly, and they should last for many years, depending on use. 

A reputable company will visit your property and quote for free. They will also be able to advise on issues such as, ‘Are resin driveways better than tarmac?’ and answer other questions that people ask such as, ‘Can you paint tarmacked drives?’ 

A trusted contractor will also trust you, and will not expect to be paid in cash, and also include a satisfaction guarantee. 

Can they provide a variety of surface and edging options?

So, taking this all into account, you will now be ready to select the right surfacing team for you and your projects. If you would like to contact our friendly team to discuss your requirements and see what we can offer, call us on 01386 422411.

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