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How to get your garden looking great?


1st August 2022

Many people are opting to create seating areas in their gardens and either completely getting rid of their grass or a large portion of it. Creating the garden of their dreams, homeowners are adding different sections, paths, ponds, seating areas, flower borders, and more to the outside space for their homes.

Here are some ways to improve your garden through surfacing:

Seating area

Adding a seating area into your garden is a great way to bring the indoors outdoors, it’s almost like extending your home and creating another room. Whether you would prefer a patio, resin, gravel, or another material, designing your perfect space and bringing it to life will enhance your garden massively.


Pathways can provide a walkway to your gate and shed or a winding path to explore different areas. There are many options to choose from regarding materials, such as, block paving, patio, gravel, tarmac and more.

Garden sections

Creating sections in your garden can make it feel like a multipurpose space. You could have a resin area for a nice bench and birdbath, patio for a comfy seating area, block paving pathway to the shed and a gravelled area full of plants and ornaments.

Benefits of upgrading your garden

Add value

Updating and giving your garden a tidy up can add great value to your home. They say bathrooms, kitchens and gardens sell! Even if you’re not looking to sell, it’s always nice to know your home is at top quality and adding potential profit.

Better outdoor space

Having a well looked after and visually stunning garden will give you a high sense of pride for your home, a welcoming space for friends and family, somewhere for your children and grandchildren to play, a safe space for your pets, or to relax and feel peaceful.

Creating another space for your home

Creating a beautiful space in your garden is like adding another room to your home, especially in the warmer weather when you can use it as a dining room, playroom, and family room, even on those cooler nights sat outside with the fire pit keeping you warm.

There are lots of ways to improve your gardens and make them the ideal space for you to relax, enjoy BBQs with family and drinks with friends. If you have any ideas for your garden and want to discuss any surfacing options, speak to our friendly team on 01386 422411.

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