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What causes potholes?


1st May 2022

Potholes are a widely known problem for roads and driveways, however, if you understand what causes potholes, and how they can damage your vehicles, you should see that it is within our ability to make our lives simpler to battle the problem.

What causes potholes?

Potholes can become especially widespread during the colder months of the year. With the cold winter nights causing air temperatures to dip below 0°C, any water absorbed into the road surfaces can freeze, expand, and cause the road to fracture and degrade, resulting in the potholes we notice when driving. 

There isn't much that can be done to prevent potholes from occurring. While the quality of the surfacing and the absence of lumps and bumps when the pavement is first laid are important factors, all roads are susceptible to potholes.

Can potholes damage cars?

Your vehicle will be damaged if you drive over a pothole. This, like any unexpected lump or bump in the road, can place significant pressure on the suspension system and may even cause the shock absorbers to pack in. Hitting a pothole, according to the RAC's tyre partner, ATS Euromaster, can potentially cause many wheels and tyre problems, requiring you to change your tyres sooner than intended.

What can we do to solve the pothole issue?

The government must make a significant investment to tackle the situation. 33,422 metres of potholes do not disappear overnight; they must be properly repaired. This job must be subcontracted to local surfacing businesses in various places around the country, and the problem must be addressed on a national scale. To assist keep track of new potholes as they appear, there should be a quick and easy way to report them online. As a result, fresh potholes may be addressed swiftly, preventing them from developing in the long term.

Hiring the right groundwork professional not only saves you money but also ensures that potholes are filled correctly the first time. So, for help with prevention and upkeep, you can give us a call to discuss any requirements or inquiries on 01386 422411 and we’ll help you bring to life your dream project.

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